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I’m struggling to improve this page as it’s hard to find spare time. But I’m trying! If you have any comments don’t hesitate to leave them. They are very welcome! Cheers!

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  1. It was tough weekend. My best friend came for short holidays ( as he works in Jakarta) and we had loads of beer…Still recovering 🙂
    And of course my copy of „Intersections” arrived, but no time for rehearsal 🙁 will listen to tomorrow.

  2. Holidays:
    Fabulous time on Ibiza!
    Made new friends, warmed up my old bones;)
    It was quiet as I’ve been there out of season, but it was just what I wanted 🙂
    Weather was good, no average 18 degrees during the day and bit less in the night.
    Happy to wear shorts, I must be some kind of nude as I don’t really like to wear clothes when it’s warm.
    And I decided to learn Spanish! As I’m going to go back somewhere in Spain it will be very useful 🙂
    Now I’m preparing (read: doing nothing) to my exams. Going to pass English and it should not be too difficult, as mock exam gone pretty well: 85% on reading and 97% on writing. The result in reading was bit disappointing for me and one of my teachers but writing gone well and teacher who was checking it said she never give so high marks. It makes me optimistic about real exam result but Just in case I took day off work to do it relaxed not tired.

  3. BTW: I can’t get Kat&Roman Kostrzewski out of my head, I am listening to them for couple of weeks now, and they are like Mekong Delta before(in time of my life), ripping my mind.
    They’re such a original and makes my mind working, just incredible.
    I wish everyone can understand them 🙂
    I think they are so complicated and sophisticated that you can not just pass by them. If you do, then you are not really into real problems that are killing this world. I mean both of this bands. They do both: are killers in sound and lyrics. If I ever have to go to a lone island I’d take just these two with me. It doesn’t matter that there are others, who sends voice of discontent the way I’d do. These two bands do it in perfect way!
    I really appreciate others (like Megadeth) but they are the ones that I really share my feelings with. And I really wish to see them live. Unfortunately it’s rather impossible…unless they’ll reply to my request 🙂

  4. Ok! So here we go:
    For the first time since last August I spent more than £100 for clothing 🙂
    My house-mate said I’m shopaholic 🙂
    I really had to buy these as I really didn’t had anything for my holidays, which I go for next week. Ibiza, I’m coming !

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